Sunday, January 5, 2014

The Heart Rate Ride

Ahhhhh Sunday.

The M1 roadie bunch was graced with the presence of his royal highness the King himself today.  Professor Zulu also graced us with his presence escorting Bam Bam complete with Garmin to the start of the ride.  Bam Bam what's your heart rate?????

I don't think the bunch made it the first corner, actually I don't think the bunch had even left the start before the King and Zulu had started dictating orders to the bunch (and each other).  I miss the peace and serenity of our usual Sunday bunch........ Bam Bam, what's your heart rate?????

With little wind and a little less heat than yesterday, the ride was pretty perfect except for Bam Bam's mid ride mechanical..... and what was your heart rate Bam Bam????

Charlie, this ride was for you.