Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Block Rides Recommence

To kick of the new year, we kicked off with a new-old ride around the block.  Only five of us rolled out from the racecourse - Ando, Thunder, Zulu, Grazza and yours truly.  The description of the ride was to be "easy"......  Unless your name was Zulu, the only part of the ride that was easy was getting out of bed and riding to the start of the ride.

Riding around the block was like a trip down memory lane, we even ran into the Lady of the Lake.  Don't forget that this Saturday the Block rides will recommence at 4:45am.  The meeting spot will be the racecourse and you'll have two options - the Hitters turn right at Targinnie and the Bunters will go left straight across the way.

And yes, this is the Zulu with a big arse piece of carrot cake and large full cream latte.  I wonder if this is what we'll see from Zulu for the remainder of the year....