Tuesday, January 7, 2014

The Rescue Ride

There was thunder, (and Thunder - Ed.), lightning and rain this morning but that didn't stop some nutters from heading out to get in their k's for the day.  Really????

The King  was one such nutter, but then I got the rescue call at 5:20am.  "I've got a flat, I'm wet, come and get me".  Now if I didn't like new bikes so much I should have told the King to suck it up and stop being a Princess - you wanna head out in a storm, you get yourself home!!

Thunder - aka The King aint scared of thunder?

On another notefhg (that was Lexa's contribution to the story), the Saturday Block rides suit all levels of riders.

On the way out to Yarwun the pack is controlled - keeping the pace at a reasonable level to ensure all riders make it to the split point.  When the bunch splits at Yarwun, the Hitters go right and its on for young and old.  The Bunters go left straight across the way to Calliope - if you go left, it's easy paced - designed for the not so strong riders.

Both groups usually get to the coffee shop within about 20 minutes of each other (depending on flats etc) - this week they turned up around 7:15am.