Thursday, February 27, 2014

Stuey!! Scars and all...~Updated~

Stuart O'Grady talks to Mike Tomalaris from SBS about PED's, regrets, his career and his future.
25mins laying it on the line
Stuart O'Grady - causing pain off the front around Rundle Street Mall
Everybody loves a hero, and it's human nature that that love is dissected when the hero has fallen from grace. Stuart O'Grady is a giant in the world of cycling, he will always be remembered for his never say die attitude, the hardest of the hard. With his retirement he left a long legacy of incredible human fortitude; the stuff of legend. We will always remember him that way, the man from Adelaide who won Paris-Roubaix, the man who shows us that anything is possible if you want it bad enough.
Stuart O'Grady knows what pain is, there is a reason he was considered one of the toughest men in the Pro Peleton.
Listen to Stuart O'Grady talk about the 'real' pain of revealing threadbare, his battle scars of enduring 23years racing a bike at the pointy end.
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Battle Scars - Cover shot

We'll definitely be getting our hands on his book, Battle Scars, when it's released early next month. 

Stuart O'Grady - Cycling Legend