Thursday, April 3, 2014

The 86 year old Australian Cycling Legend

Do you need some inspiration to drag yourself out of bed/climb on the bike/do those extra k's; then watch this movie. If you can't bring yourself to go for a ride, you aren't ever going to go...Russ Travers - Cycling Legend! We want to be like you Russ.

Russ Travers: 80 years on the bike from Lisa and Janet on Vimeo.
In his lifetime Russ Travers has ridden more than 500,000km and at 86 he still cycles more than 120km every week. He joined our club, Bicycle Wagga Wagga, eleven years ago. With a family history of heart disease, Russ has cycled for his whole life to stay fit and healthy. It's what keeps him alive!