Thursday, May 29, 2014

The Bontrager Ion 700

Bontrager Ion 700

 This light has impressed us, one of the best value lights on the market. And Bontrager nailed it on their first go at it. 

Comparison Moon500 (left), Ayup V4 (centre), Ion 700 (right)
Moon500 | Ayup (2014) | Ion700

What's to like???

  • Brilliant (useable) light output, the best (in class) that we have used
  • Highly visible orange side lights
  • 5 modes (with last mode used memory when switched off)
  • 50lumen+Strobe mode, A simple, effective, well thought out feature
  • Solid, compact package
  • Surprisingly effective mounting

What we didn't like

  • On/Off/Mode button is a bit difficult to operate at times (gloved fingers especially)
  • Limited mounting options
  • USB Micro B charge lead should be USB Mini B in our opinion

More photos of Bontrager Ion 700 here

Bontrager Ion 700 USB Headlight

  • RRP $139.95
  • See with our focused optics and over 270 degrees of visibility
  • Brightness: 700 Lumens via high-power CREE LED (Bontrager Ion 700 661 Lumens)
  • Five modes: 700LM , 450LM, 250LM, 50LM beam with extra bright flash and irregular strobe
  • Run Time: 700LM-1.75hrs, 450LM-3hrs, 200LM-6.75hrs via lithium ion rechargeable battery
  • Fully charged in 5 hours through sealed Micro USB port
  • Includes: 20 degree +/- adjustable SyncV2 bracket that fits bars from 22.2-31.8mm

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