Friday, August 22, 2014

The Fuel EX 9 Demo

Did you know M1 Cycles has demo bikes to test ride? 

Free, no obligation, and always available.

A recently arrived bike is what is probably considered the most popular, and most fun, trail bike on the planet, the Trek Fuel EX 9.
Trek Fuel EX 9 29 | $4299rrp | World's Best Trail Bike
2015 Trek Fuel EX 9 29

We LOVE the Fuel EX, so much so, that it is our go-to mtb of choice. We rode the 2015 model at Mt Stromlo during Trek World Australia last month and it never fails to impress.

At home, flicking from berm to berm on the The Luge trail or flying uphill on flowy or technical trails like Blue Gums or ABC Switchbacks

Don't believe us, come and test ride it yourself today.