Saturday, February 7, 2015

The 'Curley Bar' Trek Domane Koppenburg from TDU

This third ranking World XC rider chose the Trek Domane Koppenburg for the 2015 Santos Tour Down Under World Tour...

...apparently Australia's roads are a bit rough?

This Aussie rider (of the dirt) took it to the road with a fervour, and placed well over all stages. It's almost laughable and embarrasing that the Trek Factory Racing website hardly mentions McConnell, and went as far as to not even acknowledge his name in the final placings or in the lineup .... SHAME! Dan placed highly and consistently and highest of TFR overall in 26th place.
Dan's result from his first ride in a World Tour event - Not Too Shabby!
You're an Australian Champion Dan McConnell. Read about his Trek Domane Koppenberg here...