Sunday, April 5, 2015

The Flare R, Flare RT, Ion 700, Ion 700RT and Transmitr

Winter is Coming....

....and that means rides in the dark.

Introducing the all-new Flare R for daytime visibility

Introducing daytime visibility

When it comes to distractions for drivers, the list goes on and on. With 80% of accidents involving a bike happening during the day, it's time for cyclists to be the biggest distraction on the road. The all-new Flare R is the first tail light designed for daytime visibility.
  • 65 Lumens provide visibility from over 2km day or night for ultimate safety
  • Be seen with balanced optics designed for 270 degree visibility near and far
  • Two day-time visibility modes, two night modes
  • Day Steady 4.25hrs, night steady 21hrs, day flash 5.75hrs, night flash 23hrs
  • Battery save mode at 5% life help ensure a safe ride home with depleted battery
  • Sync bracket allows for quick and easy adjustment, mounting, and removal
  • Includes: Sync bracket, seat pack clip, and USB cable
  • Sync bracket fits posts 22.2 - 35.0 mm and rotates for seatpost angle compensation
Flare R - $74.94 (RT - $99.95rrp)

The perfect complement for the Bontrager Ion 700 front light that we reviewed a while ago. We believe this is one of the best lighting combos in the industry in this price bracket, if you want to be safe and seen, and actually see where you are going.
Or get the safety and visibility with all the convenience of Tranmitr, to control front (Ion 700RT) and rear (Flare RT) from a single remote switch.