WORKSHOP / Repair Centre

"Our highest priority is your safety and enjoyment whilst riding"

Which is why we take such great care in carrying out nothing short of the most professional repairs from within our workshop.

M1 Cycles offer professional bicycle service and repairs to all brands of bicycles and sizes.

Our service rates are fair, competitive and nothing short of an exceptional quality job.

We can often perform minor repairs such as flat tyres, simple gear and brake adjustments within the hour. Whilst we strive hard to have all other bike services from drop off to pickup within a 24 - 48 hr time frame.

Bike Fit

A professional bike fit will change your relationship with your bike to give you a better balance of Control, Comfort and Sustainable Power. Minimising the chance of injury. 

Are you unhappy with the fit of your bicycle? Feel like you could be getting more out of your body or bike? See Matt in store for the most professional bicycle fitting service in the whole of Central Queensland. Matt has had a burning passion for cycling ever since he first learned to pedal, he also has a large number of years as a competitive cyclist at both State and National levels. Matt has completed many fit service courses to ensure all our customers are fitted to the right size bike for optimum control, comfort and maximum power efficiency.